A young man was killed in just two days! It was too horrible!

Prisons under the communist regime don't respect life at all. Killing a person was as easy as stepping on an ant...


A young man was killed in just two days! It was too horrible! Prisons under the communist regime don't respect life at all. Killing a person was as easy as stepping on an ant.

In November 2000, I was illegally arrested under the trumped-up charge of “illegal gathering” and detained at the No. 3 Detention Center in a city. One day at around 10 a.m., two policemen dragged a strong young man into the room. He was handcuffed and shackled.

The police only unlocked his handcuffs, but kept the shackles on him. He stood in the middle of the fifth row, only two people from me. This young man was 38 years old, single. He just finished a voluntary lay-off at his company and had gone to Beijing to validate the Fa and appeal for justice for Falun Gong. He decided that he wouldn't go home until the wrongful situation of the persecution was rectified. Many practitioners had the same thoughts at that time.

Before the young man went to Beijing, he made a lot of copies of truth-clarification materials and distributed them to people. The police arrested him. He was beaten up severely and had bruises all over his body. But he refused to tell his name or home address. So he ended up at the detention Center.

In the evening, we heard that the young man was transferred to the No. 6 Ward. It had a reputation for dishing out the worst torture and abuse. It was next door to mine so I could hear everything.

In order to earn bonus points and gain early release, the head prisoner of Ward 6 had tortured a lot of other prisoners and some Dafa practitioners to the point of disability. He had three thugs, also prisoners, under him. Detention centers and labor camps in China use such thugs among the inmate population to manage other prisoners.

At night, the head prisoner latched the door and started the interrogation. First, he asked the thugs to force the young man into the “riding the airplane” position – body bent at a 90-degree angle with both arms stretched out. Then he demanded: “What's your name? Where is your home?” The young man refused to answer.

The three thugs gave him a round of fists and kicks. After a short break, the young man was still silent. The head prisoner thought that the young man was stubborn. He said, “Let's show him some blood and see if he's still so strong!”
The thugs started beating the young man with sticks. Very soon, the young man's leg and two ribs were broken. The young man's screams sounded so tragic. He fainted and was sent to the nurse's room. The young man groaned all night. He groaned and I was awake all night too.

The next day, the prison guard in charge of the No. 6 Ward talked to the head prisoner outside the door. They were right outside of my room and I could hear them clearly. He asked, “Has that Falun Gong confessed?” “No, the guy was quite stubborn. His leg and two ribs are now broken.” The prison guard casually said, “Just pay attention to your approach and strategy. If he is really not obedient and happens to be killed, then that's the way to be. We have two death quotas each year and neither has been reached.” The guard on duty nodded.

One night, the young man was taken to the “discipline room.” According to other practitioners next door to the room, they heard heavy sounds of sticks beating a person. There were screams at the beginning, but it was silent later on.

During the day the young man was groaning in pain. He couldn't eat anything. The doctor told him, “You haven't eaten for four days. If you don't eat your dinner today, you will have to go through forced-feeding. Think it over!”
After 9 p.m., the doctor asked for several people from the No. 6 Ward to help with the forced-feeding. When the doctor stepped out of the room, the three thugs and the head prisoner added a lot of salt into the liquid that was to be fed to the young man.

During the forced-feeding, the young man said, “It's too salty! I'm suffocating! You will meet with retribution!” He soon lost his voice and could only cough severely. The doctor was angry, “Who did this? Who tried to sabotage me?”
The head prisoner whispered in the doctor's ear. The doctor didn't say anything. Around midnight, no one heard the young man's coughing anymore, only some steps as they carried the body away. The young man had died.
A young man was killed in just two days! It was too horrible! Prisons under the communist regime don't respect life at all. Killing a person was as easy as stepping on an ant. I felt so oppressed.

The detention center held an urgent meeting. The head prisoner had served his term and was released. The three thugs were transferred elsewhere. The detention center spoke to all others who knew about the case. They were going to keep their lips sealed for their own interest and safety. Everything seemed to be back to normal, as if the young man had never existed…

Based on Minghui.org, website keeping records on the persecution of the meditation practice Falun Dafa.

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